Gonna greive and celebrate my freedom. Amy, and Duffy and Carina invited me to the party.

Maybe the path to getting over it is feeling it completely… idk


i dont understand how some fries can be longer than the average potato

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We were interesting
You two are not

Why cant i have all of this and love you too?

All this… could be yours

In sickness
And health
For better
Or worse
And poverty

I mean just dump your useless college student. I miss you

How the fuck do you own disorder



When pixar does the thing that makes you question if you are actually watching a children’s movie.

#fuck :( uummm…. kinda yes

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There is no greater feeling in this earth. It is so short. And beautiful.

This is the best the world can give you
This is why you keep living.
All I deserve


if i’ve never expressed my desire to be famous you know but a third of me. I want someone to place import on my life… or impress upon the world in some way. Leave a mark that none can forget. 

i’ll probably be here a while. thinking; feeling…

i need someone to hear me the thoughts are screaming again. I don’t know how to leave. I want to be noticed and I wish I didnt. its unlikely that I will be. I’m a tool. convenient, yes. But I won’t be missed.

No one knows I exist. 

No one else anyway. I don’t particularly enjoy being invisible but I think the opposite is vulnerable. I can’t conceptualize the middle ground— unintentionally. I try my hardest. but one or the other escapes from their safe corners. 

I’m just so tired of being used. Abused. I feel that way yes! I feel abused, I feel sucked dry. But I put myself there. To be this hero that no one appreciates.. Or this victim that everyone can sympathize with. Except when you get to the point I get to in these situations, where there is no pride. There is no shame; deep understanding. I ACCEPT THIS. this brings me joy.. why can’t you see that? until it doesnt. 

Until my terms are violated- well i realize it. I truly had no power what so ever.They like to let me think that. and that’s all I really want. To believe I had power. ha. power. where? over the invisible? over the lies i’m fed? over what I think is the truth; reality?

No. I can’t say I won’t do it again because I may just… They took my power from me my will. and I became addicted to that sort of shame. It’s the same story every time. 

I wish I could find someone to help me. But the time it would take to strip me bare, and then rebuild me. into something I don’t recognize… i don’t have that sort of time. i need to be whole right now to search for my niche in this world.. to fund my wandering, really. I need to leave. and forget… for a few moments who I truly am- Stockholm. To run away from the emptiness that is my life. 

I found meaning- or somehow i told myself I did in this vast lie… and it was such a comfort. WHY CAN’T EVERYONE JUST KEEP ME IN MY COMFORTABLE LIES?! why must we break them? what do they solve really? To turn me back into a star gazer? Someone who looks up at the night sky and wishes. wishes so hard that something would happen to end the lackluster suffering. Excite and define me. It’s not work, its not a talent, its not him, or him for that matter, its not a child. Nothing. 

I am nothing; I have nothing. 

There is no real Desney. 

Dramatics, perhaps. I’ll know in a few days.